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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  November 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the latest on his condition and the arrest of at least one . you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news. a conductor is stabbed aboard a san francisco cable car. the latest op his condition and the arrest of at least one suspect. i'm always feel i'm at peril just crossing the street. >> what one community will try next to slow things down. and ocean beach gets slimed and why thousand of jellyfish washed ashore this weekend. good evening, a san francisco cable car conductor is fighting for his life after being stabbed by a passenger. we're in san francisco where the story got stranger. >> reporter: police are calling in an attempted murder on the cable car and don't know the motive bush say the man who might tell them that is in no shape to talk. this cable car was stopped between pacific and jackson, waiting to a cable repair
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benign the street. for reasons yet unknown, the man was on the car or got on the car and stabbed the conductor multiple times and got off and ran. the conductor was taken to the area hospital with life- threatening injuries. witnesses showed police a blood trail and followed it to a residence. >> the officers went to the residence and forced their way in. there were some people that there that tried to prevent the officers from taking the suspect into custody and they were detakenned. >> reporter: lieutenant dangerfield says wong was arrested and charged with attempted murder. three family members at the residence that tried to block the arrest are an asian male and two asian females. police don't know yet what led to the stabbing, whether an robbery, argument or something else. craig chad, whose family has lived along the cable car for 50 years is surprised. >> it's a dream job. >> i remember growing up and thinking it's cool to do.
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you are going to engage the tourists and local and it seems like a lot of fun, but i heard a lot of trouble on muni buses at hunters point, but you never think it's going to happen on a cable car. >> reporter: nobody expects that to happen on cable cars. cable cars are running again, but they were down for three or four years. >> thank you, dobe. fairfield police believe the suspect in this weekend's double-murder may have fled to mexico. a man and woman when have not been identified were gunned down early saturday. the suspect is the woman's ex- boyfriend, 50-year-old ricardo martinez. police say the couple had a history of domestic violence and officers had been call to the complex just hours before. they suspect martinez was waiting foyt woman and her new boyfriend to return after police left. >> one of the bullets wept through my best friend's window and had it gone through there five minutes earlier, she would have been shot.
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>> reporter: what is she saying about that? >> she is scared. >> reporter: police believe martinez is driving a white dodge van with a blue stripe and possible license plate 8h0309 it and say he is considered armed and dangerous. >> richmond police are asking for witnesses to come forward after a mawas killed the a party at the veterans memorial hall yesterday. the 34-year-old was found shot to dame in a doorway of the building about 1:30 a.m. police say there were a lot of people attend a private party at the hall, but so far, no supports have been identified. a preliminary hearing is scheduled tomorrow more seven suspects accused of raping and beating a 16-year-old student outside of a redmond homecoming dance last year. the hear willing determine if there is enough evidence against the suspects to proceed way trial. if convicted on all charges, all, but one could face life in prison. richmond police say as many as
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ten people raped the girl in october, 2009. they have tried barricaded, speed bump and roundabouts, but nothing seems to slow down drivers. now berkeley is trying a new approach. >> reporter: it's flat on top, 22-feet wide and like a superspeed bump without the big jarring moment. speed tables are designed to slow traffic down. two of them were installed on santa fe avenue in berkeley in 1994 as a test product. residents say they have helped to readuce speeding. >> i think they are great tup anything to to slow speeding down makes it safer. it's great. >> reporter: they have installed circle and barriers to slow drivers down. after 1996 there was a moratorium on speed bumps and tables. the fire department argued that they slowed their response time and can daniel large trucks, but speeding continues to be a
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problem. city engineers say traffic in some neighborhoods go as much as 30% over the speed limit. this intersection is especially scary. >> quite treacherous this particular juncture. so i have seen a couple of accidents and i'm always feeling that i am at peril just trying to cross the street. >> reporter: in january the city will install speed tables in three neighborhoods as part of a new test project and families are relieved. >> the goal is to at least get cars to slow down to the speed limit, which is 25 miles per hour, which is probably each a little too fast with a bunch of kids walking around here. but at least to try to get the cars down to the speed limit. >> reporter: the speed tables will be test for six months and if they are a success, they will be installed around the city. linda yee. a new report is critical of
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california's natural gas inspection lines. it has come under scrutiny because of the lax inspections the state has been fined for seven straight years for failing to meet minimum federal standards. >> new cell phone towers in walnut creak may be hut on hold yt the city council will consider a request for a six- month moratorium. and new evidence that a college education is worth the investment. a study by the cal state system found a san josi graduate will be earning nearly $93,000 when they reach medd career, 21 types the initial tuitionip investment. san francisco state is more than $82,000 and cal state east bay is nearly $80,000. final farewell to her oakland district from mayor-
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elect jean quan. during her eight years on the city council, quan and her staff held office hours at most claire farmers' market from spring through fall. today she was at the market for the last time as a council member. quan says she wants to treat the city she did her district. >> i hope to do the same thing all over the city, to organize people, to organize the business districts and to literally organize block-by- block to take back the city and move us forward. >> quan says she will hold town hall meetingses on a month in different neighborhoods and plans to visit every school in oakland and promises to be more accessible than predecessor. a horrible case of animal cruelty and what led officers to believe a swan was killed on purpose. >> i was upset, because i should be able to fly the flag. >> a boys a patriotism lands him in hot water and why he was
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told to remove the stars and stripes from his bike. what a beautiful weekend for the bay area. we'll talk about that comimg up. this is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what?
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i hate traffic! quite a sight. ann makovec ertys say you'd . a slimy scene at ocean beach this weekend.
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thousands of jellyfish washed ashore, creating quite a sight. expert say you don't have to be afraid of these stinging creatures. >> it's always good to see a new surprise on beach, you know? [ laughter ] >> tens of thousand of moon jellyfish washed up this weekend on ocean beach. it's quite a curiosity, even to the experts. >> wow, i was just startled and amazed. i have never seen a plethora of moon jellies like that before. >> marine biologists mike mcgill works with live jellies at san francisco's aquarium of the bay and says the mass washup along three miles of the ocean beach was caused by a perfect storm of tides, currents and wind. >> ought the planets were aligned for this to happen. >> other species of jellyfish commonly wash up in the fall, but not this kind and not in these numbers and now beach- goers get an upclose view of the slimy globs of goo. >> i think they are awesome. >> reporter: really? what is awesome about them? >> they are, like, well, it's
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cool to be a jellyfish. >> i taught them all about jellyfish today. it was a great message. always a teaching moment. >> reporter: a little sad, too. >> i do feel sorry for them, actually vcr they should be out there and not dead on the sand. they will be good fertilizer for plankton organisms, but no need to feel sorry, more will come. >> reporter: the ether good news is that they don't sting you. >> they have something that stings small plank tob in the water, but it won't hurt a human, if you touch it. >> reporter: a park service biologist will begin an investigation into this unusual event monday morning. at ocean beach, cbs 5. animal control will perform a necropsy on a dead swan found at the san francisco palace of fine arts just authorities believe vandals broke her neck. the swan's memorial was stolen six monthsing and now only a
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sister remains in the lagoon. >> the sister who has left is going to go into deep depression. i was watching her today and she didn't move. she is on the other side of the fence and usually she quims along the lagoon and she didn't move. >> they lived in a aartificial lagoon in a largely unprotected area. if you like dungeness crab for your holiday celebration, get ready to feast. commercial season begins tomorrow along the central california coast. after four years of scarcity it looks like it's going to be a bumper crab. recreational crabbers have been fishing since november 6th and they have been reporting excellent numbers. it points it a population boom and that could mean lower prices. we'll have to say. >> it could. >> it could mean. >> we always have to catch that, because you never know, do you. >> laurence you were saying
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it's still warm. >> for this time of year to see temperatures in the 70s across the bay area ises a maaing, but you get the offshore winston cups and boy, those winds draw as they approach of the coastline and boy, we have toasty temperatures outside right now. not a bad weekend around the bay area weatherwise as we squeezed in plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. live shot for you over the bay bridge. mostly clear skies with a couple of high clouds continuing to make their way on by. how about that sup set for you? looking good with some of the high clouds moving through, but temperatures well above the average a good 5-15 degrees above the average just mount vaca, a couple of cirrus clouds moving by. it's likely to continue for at least another day or two, but them we'll see changes here. we have a sense of this ridge of high pressure. that is that offshore flow
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blowing through and getting rid of the clouds and bringing in lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. tomorrow, sunny and warm around the bay area just we're inspecting 70s and low 80s inland. even out towards the coastline, clear and bright and warm temperatures to go along with that. indeed, it's warm outside some spots. get a load of some of these temperatures. you just don't see it that often in november. 72 in vallejo and 73 in the napa valley. we're seeing winds with stronger gusts and seeing temperatures where the stronger winds are developing. where it's not as windy, cop cord, 60 freezing. so you get the idea of very warm air just above the surface and get a little window and it heats things up in a hurry. temperatures around the state, 79 degrees in sacramento. sunny sighs. 50s and 60s into the highcountry. 70 degrees in the fresno area. we have pretty weather, all along the west coast as high pressure continues to build in at least for another day. and then we'll start to see
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some signs of this ridge weakening and as it does, well that offshore flow will turn to more of an onshore breeze just for tomorrow, stuny and warm. offshore winds continue. a good 5-15 degrees above the average overnight lows down into the 40s and 50s, but you get on top of the mountain above a thousand feet, a lot of these overnight lows down into the 70s. so you get the idea. some very warm, just above the surface. temperatures for highs, how about 77? morgan hills. 71 in daly city. east bay temperatures well into the 70s by tomorrow afternoon maybe even into00. north bay temperatures into the 80s awn low 80 and the next couple of the days, enjoy the sunshine while we have it, folks. because we have major chances on the horizon. high pressure is going to weaken, allowing for cooler air to move in from the ocean. a seabreeze will develop and how about this?
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next weekend, major changes. by friday a chance of showers in the bay area. expect rain next weekend and temperatures dropping 20-30 degrees in and likely to get into the 60s by saturday. >> is it too early to tell whether that is a good storm? >> it's looking good on saturday. it's a little early, but i think we'll see a lot of snow in the mountains with this one. >> all right, thank you. well, a california traveler draws the line at an airport security checkpoint. >> i told them i wasn't comfortable having the gentleman touch my groin. >> what happened next that led to another viral video on youtube. >> a massive explosion at a luxury hotel in mexico and the latest on the death toll and the investigation into the cause. [ male announcer ] welcome to the far reaches of the internet.
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weekend...but not because of a problem with the plane... it was . the california man as flight never got on the ground this weekend, but not because of a problem with the plane. was i problem with a patdown. was in line for the standard metal detector when he was detoured to a body image scanner. wasn't comfortable with that and opted out. he was told he would have to have the more aggressive patdown and he refused he didn't want anyone "touching his groin." an argument ensued and he began to record with his iphone. >> i don't understand how sexual assault is part of it. >> sir. this is not a sexual assault. >> he was escorted back to the ticket counter for a refund, but was told he had to return for a screening and left
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threatening to sue just his recordings of the incident are gone viral on youtube. not much national news stories are making in a typy town, but a little boy was told to remove his flag from the bike. >> apologizes to all the veteran and every american in this country. >> this is big. this all over. >> did you think this was go to be this big? >> yes. >> the superintendent was taking full responsibility for what he admits was a big mistake, one seen and heard around the world. >> this is on me, okay? i didn't want this to happen. i apologize that this happened to the community, to all the veterans, to the whole country. >> reporter: that what happened? that the child was told that he probably shouldn't brings had flag to school? >> exactly. >> reporter: that child was told by a school official he
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shouldn't ride his flag- decorated bike to school because it offends other students. >> i was a little upset, because i should be able to fly the flag wherever i want to, because this is the united states and this is the u.s. flag. >> reporter: and cody wasn't the on one. the bike pinpoint flag flack has kicked into high gear across the country. >> a lot of people have been at my house, just wanting to talk to us. >> reporter: in a show of support, more than 500 motorcycle riders, many veterans will escort theoun patriot to school tomorrow morning, many of them coming from out of town and out-of- state. a rally possibly drawing hundreds more, also planned before the first bell. cody's dad says despite the district's apology, people aren't ready to give up this one. >> i think we needed a great awakening. the sleeping bear has been awokened and he is here to eat. he wants what he wants and we want our flag up whether it be here or at the school or anywhere he is. >> reporter: the district now
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faces a lawsuit from a civil liberties group and possible uprising on its doorstep promises this is the last tame that cody or any other student will be told to put away the american flag. wear told some of the riders planning to escort cody are coming from the east coast. we're also told that members of tea party will be in attendance. a motorcycle club celebration turns into a horrific tragedy and what killed five people on a california highway. a massive memorial for a world champion surfer and where they paid tribute to andy irons this weekend. coming up on game day, the 49ers keep hope alive in the playoff chase as quarterback troy smith makes his case for the starting job. however, they may have lost one of their starters for the rest of the year. while the raiders were sitting on the coach, the denver broncos came out of nowhere to
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stun the kansas city chiefs and that means the raiders are in first place. we have two guests joining us in studio, delaney walker is here and his former basketball player of the year and current coach jennifer easey all on game day in a few minutes. at half past 10:00 ♪ ♪ so move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move over, little dog, 'cause the big dog's movin' in ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a dog & a chevy, what else do you need? ♪ texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!!
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near cancun, mexico has killed seven poeple, including a nine oy. . an explosion at a luxury hotel near cancun, mexico has killed seven people, include a 9-year-old boy.
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the blast blah out windows and sent chunks of concrete through the roof at the grand rivera princess hotel. authorities believe the blast was caused by a buildup of natural gas under the hotel. sr-surveillance video along the board could help find person responds for the death of 21 motorcyclist. the man was arrested for driving under the influencer, but police say the driver the hopped could also be charged if he is found. thousands of people turned out in hawai'i to remember three-time world surfing champion andy irons at his favorite surfing spot. it happened on the island of
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kauai, iron's hometown beach, where he learned to surf. easterns was found dead in his dallas hotel room. his family says he was suffering from dengue fever, but toxicology tests will term the exact cause of death. we'll be right back ♪ ♪ came in last night at half past 10:00 ♪ ♪ that baby of mine wouldn't let me in ♪ ♪ so move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move over, little dog, 'cause the big dog's movin' in ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a dog & a chevy, what else do you need?
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